Who we are and what we do?

We are a located in Seaton, Devon.

Contact Information

Mark (Computermark)

Phone: 01297 625407

 e-mail: mark@computermark.co.uk




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We have been established for over 20 years. We build and supply quality computers/Laptops for business and home use, and specialise in limited space computers.

We service all makes of computers and accessories, Resolving hardware or software problems.

We undertake Networking installations, Wired or Wireless. Broadband installations at probably the best prices in the UK.

All computer systems have Anti-Virus software installed  as standard for your protection and others.

All computer systems delivered and installed by engineers. ( Internet access and email setup on your premises by engineer if requested.)

So regardless of whether your a complete beginner or professional the right service is a phone call away. Whatever your computer problems, we are here to help.






Each year thousands of PCs and other high-value electronic equipment are damaged by power surges caused by lightning and power-line disturbances. The cost of damaged equipment in the UK alone runs into millions of pounds and unfortunately in most instances the damage falls outside what is covered by the hardware manufacturer’s warranty. For this reason we strongly advise that you connect your PC and peripherals to a surge protector.


Looking for

Anti-Virus / Spam filtering / Anti-Spyware software

Useful Links -

Please note the free versions are home use only, and do not cover all the requirements for Business users.

Anti-Virus software




If all updates have been downloaded from Microsoft, then you should have a firewall built into your operating system.                      (Windows XP and above only.) Microsoft Windows 95/98/Windows Me requires a separate program.

Email software - Spam removal etc.



Hope the above links help you keep your computer running smooth

Don't forget to use disk-clean and Defragmenter periodically.

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